Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a Personal Services Reporting training tutorial and certification that applies to all Georgia Tech employees working on sponsored research or related-support projects. These employees are required to login to our Institute training system and complete the twenty-minute online training module. To comply with GA Tech policy, it is expected that all applicable faculty, staff, and students complete the necessary training and certification requirements. To comply with federal funding authorities, all employees must be certified within 30 days of notification from Grants and Contracts so that our good standing with these funding agencies is not affected.

Login Instructions
PLEASE USE a campus computer (not accessible off campus unless logging in to Institute systems through Citrix).Warning: Internet Explorer ( versions less than 9.0) and Firefox are the only recommended browsers to successfully complete this training. Other browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE Versions 9.0 and higher) may not properly record your participation in our system although they will let you take the questionnaire and print a certificate.

  • If you don’t know your employee GT account, click on the I don’t know my GT Account link. ( SEE Detailed Instructions ) ALSO if you are a new user to GT Training, you will need to complete a profile. Follow the instructions provided on the site. Once the profile is created, you can continue on.
  • Now that you are logged in, select Online Tutorials option from the menu on left side of page.
  • Type in Personal Services Reporting *New* in the “Search by Name” field and click GO
  • Click on Personal Services Reporting *New*
  • Click >Take this tutorial< to begin.
  • A new window will open for the Personal Services Reporting tutorial. Please view the Tutorial button first and then complete the Assessment .
  • You MUST score at least 80% on the questionnaire and click on the “I Confirm” button following the Personal Services Reporting Acknowledgement Form statement in order to receive credit for completing the training successfully. You can repeat the questionnaire if you make less than 80%. You may print out a certificate upon completion or you can verify successful completion of the tutorial by printing your OOD transcript. Personal Services Reporting *NEW* will appear on the transcript.
  • Additional information on Personal Services Reporting using the Plan Confirmation System can be found in the policy library at Policy: 3.2.

If you experience difficulties with this tutorial or questionnaire, please click the Help or Contact Us links on the left side of the Training website.