Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a Personal Services Reporting training tutorial (also known as Effort Reporting training) that applies to all Georgia Tech employees working on Non-GTRI sponsored awards. These employees are required to login to our Institute training system and complete the online training module. To comply with GA Tech policy, it is expected that all applicable faculty, staff, and students complete the necessary training and certification requirements promptly.  Employees are enrolled automatically in the training in the month after their salary is charged or encumbered on a non-GTRI sponsored award and will receive automated emails until they have completed the training.

Login Instructions
Employees can access the page here and log into the GT system using your username or password (DUO may be required) or navigate to the QuestLMS training system here and search for the Learning Catalog for Sponsored Program Mandatory Awareness.

  • You MUST score at least 80% on the questionnaire and click on the “I Confirm” in order to receive credit for completing the training successfully. You can repeat the questionnaire if you make less than 80%.
  • Additional information on Personal Services Reporting using the Plan Confirmation System can be found in the policy library at Policy: 3.2.

If you experience difficulties with this tutorial or questionnaire, please contact