Grants and Contracts (G&C) Accounting is the central research administration office responsible for submitting invoices to award sponsors on behalf of Resident Instruction (colleges and other non-GTRI units at Georgia Tech).  This article details why sponsors may not receive invoices, how you can see what has been invoiced to date, and what steps you should take if your sponsor contacts you to say they have not been invoiced.


There are several reasons for a sponsor not receiving an invoice:

  • There have been no expenditures posted on the award since the last invoice (we can only invoice when there are charges).
  • The sponsors may only require invoices on a periodic basis (quarterly or semi-annually), so there would be no reason to bill monthly.
  • The point of contact at the sponsor may have changed without our knowledge.
  • There may be charges on the award that cannot be billed and have to be moved off of the award before we can use our system to generate invoices.
  • Delayed invoicing on the part of G&C Accounting, typically caused by staffing shortages and/or employee turnover during peak financial reporting periods.  


How can I see what has been invoiced to date?

  • To see invoicing history on GTRC awards, log into WEBWISE/CIS and go to the billing tab for your award and then click on the link for “sponsored billing.”
  • Invoicing history can also be found through GT Crossroads – go to Reports, Financial Administration, and then “sponsored billing”
  • To see invoicing history on GIT and/or GTRC awards, log into Workday, type in the award number, go to the Billing and Receivables tab, and click on “sponsored invoices”


What steps should I take if the sponsor says they haven’t received an invoice?

  1. First, run the SABER report for your award in Workday to see whether the expenditures have been hitting your award as expected.
  2. Second, review invoicing history using any of the avenues described above.
  3. Third, reach out to Grants and Contracts. The first person to contact is your G&C sponsored accountant. To see who the accountant in Grants and Contracts is for your award, in Workday, type in your award number.  Go to the Additional Reports tab, go to Award Header Roles, and you will see the G&C Sponsored Accountant.  This is the individual responsible for invoicing for your award.


In the G&C organizational structure, our sponsored accountants report to our Accounting Manager, Mary Balsor ( Mary reports to our Director of Project Accounting, Glenn Campopiano (  Glenn reports to our Senior Director of Grants and Contracts Accounting, Josh Rosenberg (  Only Grants and Contracts can help you with invoicing, so we are the individuals you will want to contact. 

March, 2022