Year End

Important Dates for Fiscal 2018 Year-End Close 
Grants and Contracts-Monitored Activities 
Due Date  Comments
May 31, 2018 Thursday Update encumbrance build percentage on SPD Calendar Table - Need to change after every bi-weekly payroll in June.
June 15, 2018 Friday Last day for written cost transfer requests 90 days or greater to G&C
June 27, 2018 Wednesday After last monthly payroll is posted, delete encumbrances from SPD tables
June 29, 2018 Friday Last day for written cost transfer requests to G&C
June 29, 2018 Friday All ECT's from campus must be cleared or cancelled.  6pm
June 29, 2018 Friday Last day to submit ECT journal entries
June 29, 2018 Friday Remove security access to prevent campus users from entering JE's - Remove access to GTFGSCSTJ. 6pm
June 29, 2018 Friday Provide new overhead rates and fringe rates for FY2019.  Send information to "Administrative Network" for distribution to campus.
June 29, 2018 Friday Clear 580, 680, and 880 projects - Check daily
June 29, 2018 Friday Inactivate security for campus SPD users at 6 PM
June 29, 2018 Friday Inactivate security for GT_SPCOR at 6 PM - No HPROD from 7/1 to 7/12.
June 29, 2018 Friday To capture Future rows populated by May/June JOB Action/Reasons for next FY that are overwritten by the Budget Load . Download snapshot for future rows for FY2019.
July 2, 2018 Monday Ensure no Fund Balance at YrEnd Close; Move Fund Balance to receivable - Cleanup for fiscal year end
July 5, 2018 Monday Last day for cost transfers from Grants accountants - Remove access to GTGSCSTG
July 5, 2018 Monday All Type B must be cleared or cancelled. Remove access to GTFGSCSTA
July 5, 2018 Monday Remove Security Access to ECT panels for GC - Remove Security access for Grants users
July 5, 2018 Monday Remove security access to prevent campus users from entering Budgets at 6PM
July 5, 2018 Thursday BUD/REV - Remove Post Bud/Rev from FDP Run Sheet
July 5, 2018 Thursday ASR's, SPD reports
July 6, 2018 Friday Send notice to PI's and Grant Administrators regarding FPROD down time for the final FY end close process - 4PM
July 6, 2018 Friday Process JE to post the fringe benefit reduction by function for over recovery
July 6, 2018 Friday Correct all SPD set up tables for new year business. Details are included in SPD documentation.
July 6, 2018 Friday Update Fringe Rates in SPD - This is included as part of the SPD Set Up Tables procedure
July 6, 2018 Friday Load FY2018 Budget Information into production HRMS and SPD, Check for Inactive Projects, and Verify Load - Richard Tanner. No budget loaded when there are no raises for the fiscal year.
July 6, 2018 Friday Update Flat Rate Fringe percentages in Grants - Before Grants opens for FY2019.
July 8, 2018 Sunday Final close for G&C Accounting for FY2018 -  PM - after GTRI close
July 11, 2018 Wednesday Restore Access for G&C Staff: Budget Revisions, GM, and ECT
July 12, 2018 Thursday Recalculate Overhead Rates on Carry Forward Encumbrances - After GL is Closed for FY2018 (even if rate doesn't change)
July 12, 2018 Thursday Grants system is open for FY2019 - restore security
July 12, 2018 Thursday Open SPD for FY2019 - Need rates from ONR
July 13, 2018 Friday Send notices to campus to redistribute accounting distribution for group positions, especially those charged to Summer School Instruction projects - Depends on SPD open.
September 28, 2018 Friday Refresh of HTRN92 for FY19 Data



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