Administration and Support                   (Bold denotes team leader)

Sandy Mason Senior Director 404-385-7561
 Clavdia Jean Administrative Professional Sr. 404-894-4624

Cost Accounting and Salary Planning and Distribution 

Jonathon Jeffries Director - Cost Accounting 404-894-4625
 Christina Cowart Cost Accountant II – F&A Rates and Reporting 404-894-3496
 Jason Cole Cost Accountant II – Service Center Rates 404-894-5525
 Terryl Barnes Associate Director - Salary Planning and Distribution 404-894-3488
  Vacant Accountant III – SPD Input & Reporting 404-385-0120

Project Accounting 

Jennifer Camp Director - Project Accounting 404-894-5526
 Vacant Coordinator  
Sandy Barber Financial Manager - Team Leader: Financial Administration Team 404-894-1222
 Gabbie Slappey Financial Analyst III 404-385-3860
 Eric Mbengo Financial Analyst II 404-385-8595
 David Lyons Financial Analyst II 404-894-5521
 Mary Balsor Financial Analyst I 404-385-0122
 Tonya Cooley Financial Analyst I 404-385-8636
Esther Peters Accounting Manager - Team Leader: Invoicing & Financial Reporting Team 404-894-5522
 Akira Smith Sponsored Accountant Senior - Air Force, Army, Navy, DOT, State of GA, State-All other, Foreign 404-385-2737
 Carol Jackson Sponsored Accountant III - DHHS, Federal Flow-Through 404-385-0121
 Yannfen Su Sponsored Accountant II - Industry H-Z, Including: Private College & Universities, Non-Profit Fundations and Private Industry 404-894-9566
 Theus Wesley Sponsored Accountant II - NSF, Industry A-G, Including: Private College & Universities, Non-Profit Fundations and Private Industry 404-894-6759
 Kaprina Zachary Sponsored Accountant II - US Dept of Commerce, US Dept of Education, US Dept of Energy, NASA, Misc. Other Federalm, GTRC Funded, Local Government 404-385-4195

Board of Regents Sponsored Programs

Rob Roy Director - BOR Sponsored Programs 404-385-6120
 Georgann Billetdeaux Acctg. Manager I 404-894-5527

Reporting and Compliance Systems

Don Cochran Associate Director - Reporting & Compliance 404-385-0858
 Oliver Bao Business Analyst I 404-385-0840
 Anita Dubose Compliance Specialist 404-894-3499
 Ruby Hollender Business Analyst Sr. 404-385-0205