Salary Planning and Distribution

The SPD Center staff is responsible for the operation of the SPD system which accounts for the distribution of salary, fringe benefits and Graduate Student Tuition Remission (GSTRP) charges for all employees and provides special accounting and reporting features for over 4,500 employees who devote effort to sponsored programs.

The system provides ready access to Monthly Project Cost Detail Reports, which provide all salary, fringe benefit and GSTRP charges for each sponsored project, direct access by unit financial managers to change the distribution of employee’s salary charges as required to assign employees to new projects, and provides for daily updates to project financial records as changes are made to past and future salary assignments. Features of the system also support the requirements of the Plan Confirmation System, including the Monthly Workload Assignment reports provided to all covered employees and the Annual Statements of Reasonableness of Salary charges that are required parts of our federally approved sponsored program accounting system.

The SPD Center staff provides instructions and training to system users on campus, processes salary distribution changes that cannot be processed by individual campus units, and provides monthly reports of processed activities which include the Monthly Employee Cost Detail Report(SPD) and the Workload Assignment Form(WAF).

Financials Transformation

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